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 We are a family-owned business with 25 plus years of experience in the aircraft interior industry. Aviation X is a full-service aircraft interior design company that specializes in custom designs, repairs, and much more. Located at Conroe North-Houston Reginal Airport (KCXO). We work with each client one to one, from start to finish on any of their upholstery needs. Our specialty is our homemade tailored seats. Each seat is made with seven different foam densities to guarantee max comfort for those long flights. Come into our design studio and share with us what you have in mind. 


These are just a few of the interior upgrades we offer, here at Aviation X Aircraft Interiors
Why should I replace my insulation?

Although insulation isn't something you see every time you step into your aircraft, it's definitely something you appreciate on hot summer days or cold winters. What we do here at our shop, is we start by removing all the old fiberglass insulation, then vacuum to remove any fiberglass dust left behind. A visual inspection is always done, we look for any signs of corrosion. If the aircraft passes our inspection we start installing the new insulation. For insulation, we use a high-density half-inch foam, its very light but very effective at its job.

Can both insulation and soundproofing be installed?

Yes! Both products can be installed, we almost always have both products installed on our restorations. On the picture above you'll be able to see how we stack both foams together. Once aircraft has been cleaned and passes corrosion inspection, the installtion process begins.  Soundproof foam goes first, then we place the new insulation on top. Both these products are placed through the aircraft cabin, this includes; headliner, sidewalls, rear back panel, and some on the firewall.

Do I need soundproof?

Soundproofing is viewed more as a luxury than a necessity- unlike insulation. The majority of clients that choose to soundproof are those that often travel with family/friends and want to give them a more comfortable flying experience. If the client wishes to soundproof their aircraft, we start with installing soundproof foam first before the new insulation. Soundproofing foam is installed directly onto the inner aluminum skin of the aircraft, then new insulation is installed on top of the damp foam. Our shop uses a quarter-inch damp foam that has a thin layer of aluminum foil.

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5016 Central Parkway Hangar 17-D, Conroe, TX 77303, USA

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